The objectives of the Mkhondo Chamber of Commerce are as follows:

1.1 To be the non-political voice of all businesses with the Mkhondo Municipality, and to engage all relevant role players that have an effect, or potentially have an effect, on the profitability and/or sustainability of business in the Municipality.

1.2  To bring together business people, irrespective of colour, race, language, religion or gender within the Mkhondo Municipality.

1.3 To provide a service to its members through guidance, business leadership and education in order to help them to be better equipped for the business world.

1.4 To host seminars and discussions on any topic of relevance to the business community.

1.5 To receive relevant information that concerns the business community, to process it and to disseminate it amongst its members by means of a newsletter or any other means.

1.6 To assist members with their businesses and to provide guidance about legislation or protecting their interests against potential unfair commercial practices.

1.7 To facilitate closer interaction between the public sector, employers and employees through consultation, discussions and written submissions where necessary.

1.8 To help young businessmen and –women to be better equipped for the business world through training and guidance, and to provide bursaries or other financial assistance for study in the field of business.

1.9 To arrange functions and generate funds to further the aims of the chamber of commerce.

1.10 To give proper acknowledgement to any person who has contributed extensively, be it in the field of business, culture or any other field in the area served by the Mkhondo Chamber of Commerce.

1.11 To promote and foster a culture of support for local businesses in the entire Municipality.

1.12 To promote networking opportunities amongst local businesses and to advocate the interests of local businesses amongst each other.

1.13 To maintain an updated website, which will serve as a database and communications portal for all member, consumers and potential clients interested in doing business in our area.

1.14 To identify potential risks and/or threats to local businesses, and to find ways in which to effectively address these issues as they arise.